FBO of the Week: Kimble County Airport (KJCT, Junction, TX)


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AVweb‘s “FBO of the Week” ribbon goes to Kimble County Airport (KJCT) in Junction, Texas.

AVweb reader Sid Tolchin learned the value of a friendly face on his recent stopover at JCT:

During a long flight in a small experimental plane from San Diego to New Orleans, almost any out-of-the-ordinary stop is a pleasure. This one was different. Billy Davis lives on the airport and was outside in gusting winds to help me tie down. He suggested I stay because of the weather and the lateness of the day before proceeding to New Orleans. After being certain that the aircraft was safely parked, he called the motel, recommended a good place to eat, and drove me to the Best Western, where they honored his recommendation with a discount. The short trip was filled with his stories.

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