FBO of the Week: Lux Air Jet Center (KGYR, Goodyear, Arizona)


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AVweb‘s “FBO of the Week” ribbon goes to Lux Air Jet Center at Phoenix/Goodyear Airport (KGYR) in Goodyear, Arizona.

AVweb reader Cathy Page told us about her recent experience:

We pulled in to park, [and the] line guy was right there. Before we even got out of the plane, he had it chained down. I asked him about fuel prices I had seen online, and he assured me they would honor whatever was posted. We walked inside and asked the desk if they could top off our plane while we met a business acquaintance. Then the line guy who parked us asked if we needed anything. [We told him] a ride to find the person we were to meet (who is slightly lost) would be great. He grabbed a golf cart and took us to find our guest. We had a little business to do and used the pilot lounge to finish up. We found out as we paid our fuel bill from the desk that the line guy who had been so helpful earlier was in fact the owner of Lux Air. How nice to see the hands-on from him.

Thank you, Tim. Thank you, Lux Air, for great service.

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