FBO of the Week: PS Air (KCID, Cedar Rapids, Iowa)


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AVweb‘s “FBO of the Week” ribbon goes to PS Air at Eastern Iowa Airport (KCID) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

AVweb reader Edward Woodson sent us a stirring testimonial to the lengths PS Air goes for their visitors:

I was en route from 10C (Greenwood, Illinois) to GFZ (Greenfield, Iowa) and had [a] complete electrical failure. I was close to CID and landed at precisely 17:00. Upon parking, I told the line guy I had electrical problems and needed maintenance. He ran to maintenance hangar just as they were closing. Two mechanics came over immediately and pulled the cowling off to discover field wire broken to the alternator. They got wire and splicing and had the repair done in 15 minutes. [These guys] had me on my way in 30 minutes and refused any special thanks – and were pleased to be of help even after hours! My aircraft was a T-210, and the date was Friday night, June 17, at 5:00 PM. Great FBO.

Their professionalism and dedication to custoner service is especially noteworthy, including the line guy who ran to get them before they left. I have visited PS Air several times, and, every time, every member of the staff exhibited the same courtesy. One one visit, the owner drove me downtown because their courtesy car [was] not available and I had critical appointment. The customer is first at PS Air CID.

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