AEROCOR Logs 150th Eclipse 500 Training Event


Nevada-based aircraft sales company AEROCOR has completed its 150th training event for pilots of Eclipse 500 very light jets. The organization received FAA approval for its Eclipse 500/550 initial and recurrent training programs in 2019. AEROCOR noted that the training numbers for its Eclipse programs have exceeded the company’s performance predictions for the last two years.

“Based on the program’s growth by Q4 of 2020, we projected the completion of three Eclipse training events per month moving forward,” said AEROCOR Eclipse training program manager Jens Personius. “Over the last two years, we have averaged a successful completion rate of 4 training events per month.”

AEROCOR logged its 50th initial type rating and 100th Eclipse recurrent training event in 2022. The company says it has plans to further expand its training operations by bringing on additional training staff and introducing updated training materials. In addition to training, AEROCOR provides light turbine aircraft brokerage and acquisition services.

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  1. AvWeb is mostly great, but what really is the point of reporting these arbitrary 50th, 100th, etc. milestones? Other than marketing departments coming up with weak excuses to get their brand in the news, and succeeding.

    • Good news is good news. Those of us following the Eclipse program over the past 20 years are glad to hear it’s working out at least to some degree. Diamond and others had VLJ projects on the board that never saw the light of day. Keep up the good work.