Short Final


The pre-private, 16-year-old, 12-hour total time solo glider student called the TFR-fire base temporary tower staff.

Glider Student: “Santa Ynez Tower, Glider 28 Tango, 45 entry to right traffic, Runway 26, Santa Ynez.”

This was followed by a deep baritone, “Santa Ynez, Skycrane 2C, inbound three miles from the southeast.”

Tower: “Glider 28 Tango , please hold for the inbound helicopter traffic.”

Huh? Even though we love the fire suppressors, this defies all logic. Rotary at distance gets right-of-way? What will my student do?

Glider Student: “Santa Ynez Tower, 28 Tango, I’ll do the best that I can.”

He made normal traffic landing an easy two minutes before the inbound helo, doing nothing out of the norm.Judgment and savvy, no promises he can’t keep. He passed his check ride three days later.

Cindy Brickner