The Aspen Gulfstream Crash

On March 29, 2001, a Gulfstream III bizjet crashed on approach to the airport at Aspen, Colo., killing all 15 passengers and three crew members aboard. The crash occurred minutes after a local noise curfew addressing Stage II airplanes became effective that night and involved an approach procedure which was the subject of a confusing NOTAM. AVweb has a collection of documents from the NTSB's accident investigation docket.


The NTSB supplied complete copies of the documents in its docket on the March 29, 2001, crash of a Gulfstream III bizjet on approach to the airport at Aspen, Colorado on CD-ROM. Data on the CD-ROM consists primarily of a series of TIFF images comprising the various documents in the docket. A display engine is also provided for installation on computers running Windows 95 or later.

AVweb has attempted to summarize the various documents in the docket by publishing the factual reports from each of the major investigative groups involved with this accident. Omitted from these factual reports are the documents and images on which they are based. 

The following files are available to view or download in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF — free readers are available from Adobe’s Web site).

  • Operations/Human Performance Group Chairman’s Factual Report

[PDF — (377 Kb)]

  • Cockpit Voice Recorder Group Chairman’s Factual Report

[PDF — (970 Kb)]

  • Systems Group Chairman’s Factual Report

[PDF — (2.02 Mb)]

  • Structures And Maintenance Group Chairman’s Factual Report

[PDF — (355 Kb)]

  • Aircraft Performance Group Chairman’s Study Report

[PDF — (5.82 Mb)]

  • Airport/Emergency Response Group Chairman’s Factual Report

[PDF — (690 Kb)]

  • Air Traffic Control Group Chairman’s Factual Report

[PDF — (10.2 Mb)]

  • Meteorological Factual Report

[PDF — (1.23 Mb)]

Finally, and if you’re really feeling lucky, AVweb has made available for download the NTSB CD-ROM’s complete contents in a ZIP file. The ZIP file is 37.6 Mb in size but contains the complete docket as well as the search engine application, which runs on Windows 95 and later. You will need at least 55 Mb of available disk space to decompress the ZIP file, probably more to install and run the display engine.

AVweb cannot be responsible for the display engine or whether it will run on your Windows-compatible computer. Please do not contact AVweb seeking technical support on downloading, installing or using this ZIP file and/or the display engine. You’re on your own.

Use this link to download the 37.6 Mb ZIP file.
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