Tell Us How You Learned to Fly!

AVweb wants to hear your flight training stories! We're rewarding the best stories with publication here on the AVweb site and a stylish AVweb baseball cap. Here are the complete rules ... .


TrainingAVweb subscribers are invited to share their own most interesting primary flight training experiences with the rest of the AVweb community. To participate, simply write a 500- to 1,500-word story about how you learned to fly, and submit it via e-mail to If you care to attach a photo or three, that’s even better. We’ll publish the best ones on AVweb’s Training section and reward the winning authors with a fashionable AVweb cap.


  1. All submissions become the property of AVweb.

  2. We can accept submissions in most word processor formats (e.g., Microsoft Word, WordPerfect) or in ASCII text. Any accompanying graphics should be in GIF or JPEG formats if possible.

  3. All stories must be original and never before published.

  4. Submitted manuscripts should be 500 to 1,500 words in length. Stories too long or short will probably not be considered.

  5. AVweb reserves the right to edit any submitted story as it deems necessary.

  6. The only compensation provided to the author/submitter shall be an AVweb-logo cap or item of similar value.

  7. Please include a valid shipping address with your submission so we know where to send your cap.

  8. AVweb shall, at its sole discretion, determine what stories will be published and when they will be published. Submittal to or acceptance by AVweb does not guarantee your story will be published.