FAA Provides Safety Tips For Eclipse Travels »

FAA Provides Safety Tips For Eclipse Travels

If you’re planning to fly toward the path of totality to view Monday’s coming solar eclipse, you won’t be alone. The FAA says several airports located in the path said they are expecting “a significant increase” in traffic before and during the eclipse. Many of these airports are non-towered and have limited capacity to accommodate an increase in traffic, the FAA says. The FAA offers some tips to fly safe in the path of the eclipse.


Changes Made At SFO After Taxiway Incident »

Changes Made At SFO After Taxiway Incident

The FAA has made operational changes at San Francisco International Airport in response to last month’s aborted landing by an Air Canada A320, the Bay Area News Group reported on Tuesday. The FAA no longer allows visual approaches for aircraft approaching SFO at night with an adjacent parallel runway closed, FAA spokesman Ian Gregor told the News Group. “When these conditions prevail, our controllers issue pilots Instrument Landing System approaches or satellite-based approaches, which help pilots line up for the correct runway,” Gregor said.


FSDOs Going Away this Weekend »

FSDOs Going Away this Weekend

Any pilot, mechanic or owner who ever cursed their local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) will have a reason to celebrate this weekend when the FAA officially disbands the regionally structured Flight Standards Service (FSS). Starting on Monday, the FSS will be based around four functional areas--Air Carrier Safety Assurance, General Aviation Safety Assurance, Safety Standard, and Foundational Business.


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Short Final:

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Skytech, Inc. has recently completed their first installation of the new Advent Aircraft System, Inc. Anti-skid Braking System (eABS) on a Pilatus PC-12 NG.

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