First PC-24 Lands On Unpaved Runway »

First PC-24 Lands On Unpaved Runway

Pilatus has announced the first successful landing of its PC-24 business jet on an unpaved runway as part of a post-certification test program that specifically emphasizes unpaved runway operations. The first two weeks of testing took place at Woodbridge Airfield near London.


Fatigue Crack Causes British Airways Engine Fire »

Fatigue Crack Causes British Airways Engine Fire

The 2015 engine fire on a British Airways 777 was caused by a fatigue crack and the resultant uncontained engine fire, according to the NTSB final report issued on Wednesday. The crack was found in an area of one of the aircraft’s GE GE90-85BG11 engines that was not required to be inspected at the time.


FAPA Holding Job Fair And Future Pilot Forum »

FAPA Holding Job Fair And Future Pilot Forum

Future and Active Pilot Advisors (FAPA) is holding a free pilot job fair and future pilot forum on Saturday, June 23, in Chicago. Topics to be covered in the forum include financing flight training, pathways for professional pilots and the outlook of the global pilot job market.


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ATC Privatization Comes Around Again »

Six general aviation associations have issued a statement strongly opposing the inclusion of provisions to privatize air traffic control services in the government reorganization proposal unveiled... More

Government Issues Directive To Keep Space Clean »

The U.S. government issued a policy directive aimed at managing growing space traffic more safely and effectively, including tackling increasing orbital debris, on Monday. Space Policy Directive-3... More

Airlines Refuse To Transport Immigrant Children »

American Airlines has issued a statement asking the U.S. government to “refrain from using American for the purpose of transporting children who have been separated from their families due to... More

Hall Of Fame To Honor Four Aviators »

The National Aviation Hall of Fame will induct four new members Sept. 28, at its 56th annual ceremony, in Washington, D.C., organizers have announced. The four will be honored with a ceremony and... More

Study: Full-Stall Training Pays Off »

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed new simulations that they believe will help pilots to better recover when faced with an aerodynamic stall. “Part of the challenge is... More

GPS Interference Concerns Revived »

An attempt to launch a high-speed cellular network that raised alarm over GPS interference was squelched by federal regulators back in 2012, but now the same company is proposing a new network, and... More

Helicopter Aerobatics To Return To Oshkosh »

When Chuck Aaron retired from the airshow circuit in 2017, he decreased by half the number of U.S. pilots certified to fly aerobatics in a helicopter. This summer, his old job at Red Bull has been... More

Bell, Safran Team On Hybrid Engines »

Bell and Safran have agreed to work together to develop hybrid-electric power systems for Bell’s eVTOL aircraft concept, the two companies announced on Tuesday. Bell will lead the design,... More



Healthy Pilot #12 – Sleep Problems And Solutions »

Healthy Pilot has been covering the BasicMed checklist in the past few installments, but we will be departing from that protocol in coming issues to cover health problems that impact the population in general and pilots in particular. Sleep disorders are up first, a condition or concern that seems ubiquitous. For pilots, fatigue caused by sleep problems can have profound consequences. After all, it’s hard to pull off at a rest area when you’re shooting an ILS. More


Significance of V-Speeds

Significance of V-Speeds »

I am not a big proponent of memorizing airspeeds. It can be a risky practice if you fly many different types of aircraft. Most of the important airspeeds can be determined from the airspeed indicator (ASI), though there are a few you probably... More


Do You Have An Aviation Dream Job?

Do You Have An Aviation Dream Job? »

Do you have an aviation dream job? AVweb wants to hear from you. From flying to fixing, we’re looking for stories about fascinating and unusual GA jobs. Surprise us with the rare aircraft you instruct in, specialized maintenance you do, or... More


Press Releases


Alsim is pleased to announce the sale of an AL250 simulator to Adventure Aviation in Alberta, Canada. The AL250 will include a real Garmin GTN 650.

Wayman Open FAA 145 Air Repair Station at North Perry Airport

Wayman Aviation has earned FAA Part 145 Air Repair Station certification #4WVR269D. It becomes the only Part 145 certified maintenance facility at Hollywood-North Perry Airport (KHWO) in Pembroke Pines, FL.

Emirates Opens Its Doors To Pilots From The USA

Emirates airline invites interested pilots from the USA to fly one of the world’s most modern fleets, across its growing network of international routes. The Dubai-based airline will be hosting Pilot Roadshows in Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Houston and Seattle.