It's On In Oshkosh »

It's On In Oshkosh

The weather is looking great, the grounds are filling up and aviation’s annual reunion is officially under way at AirVenture 2018 in Oshkosh. As outlined by EAA Communications Director Dick Knapinski in this podcast, there will be a lot of big iron on Boeing Square this week as the event recognizes the tactical airlift and air-to-air refueling arms of the military and National Guard and the aircraft attending include a KC-135, KC-10, C-17 and a good representation of fighters and special mission aircraft.


AirVenture Time Capsule: 1998 »

AirVenture Time Capsule: 1998

Twenty years ago this month—1998—was a seminal year for world’s biggest airshow: It officially became AirVenture, displacing the old name, the EAA Fly-in and Convention. (Locals still call it EAA.) That year also marked the beginning of a new trend: the avionics revolution with color GPS mapcomms were afield and various PR machines were making noise about super cheap light jets.


How Not To Use A Drone »

How Not To Use A Drone

Well, we can’t say enough that no one should be doing this but the fact that it does happen results in coverage like this.


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Lindbergh Foundation To Hold Innovation Forum »

The Lindbergh Foundation will be holding its first Innovation Forum featuring talks by industry innovators at AirVenture 2018. Topics include artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing,... More

Air Plains Eyes Anti-Detonation Injection »

Now that the FAA has temporarily halted testing on an unleaded avgas replacement, a Kansas company says it may revive efforts to develop anti-detonation injection for light aircraft. By injecting a... More

13 Survive C-47 Crash »

Thirteen people aboard Bluebonnet Belle, a well-known Commemorative Air Force C-47, escaped after the aircraft crashed on takeoff at Burnet Airport near Austin, Texas, on Saturday. More

Superior Offers Extended Cylinder Warranties »

With the engine overhaul and aftermarket parts business growing ever more competitive, Superior Air Parts announced this week that it’s extending the warranty on its Millennium cylinder line... More

C-130 Goes Inverted At Farnborough »

Big airplanes have been putting on increasingly dramatic performances at the Farnborough Airshow in recent years but it might be some time before anyone tops the loop performed by the civilian... More

Pilot Killed In Jet Warbird Crash »

The pilot of de Havilland Venom jet warbird was killed, two people on the ground were injured and about 50 calves had to be euthanized when the aircraft crashed into a calving barn on a dairy farm... More



Oshkosh Spotlight: Basler Flight Service

Oshkosh Spotlight: Basler Flight Service »

Regular attendees at AirVenture know they’ll be seeing the latest wares and offerings from the industry this week—with a healthy dollop of aviation history just to keep things in perspective. Right across the field, however, Basler... More


Aviation Dream Jobs: Whale Survey Pilot

Aviation Dream Jobs: Whale Survey Pilot »

Trevor Laue typically flies 1,000 feet above the ocean, mapping grids over the waves at 100 knots. Whenever one of the flight observers catches sight of the crew’s target—a right whale—Laue breaks out of the pattern and settles into... More


To Go, or Maybe Not to Go

To Go, or Maybe Not to Go »

In this world where cell phones can perform more functions than the computer of only a few decades past, many pilots prefer to brief themselves. Doing so when the weather is good is easy—when the online aviation weather options show a dry,... More


Press Releases

Lawrence 'Bud' Sittig Named Chairman of LightHawk Board of Directors

LightHawk Elects Lawrence 'Bud' Sittig as Chairman of their board of directors. Bud is a recipient of the prestigious FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.

EAA AirVenture 2018: First Head Up Display (HUD) Driven from Certified Flight Decks for Use in General & Light Business Aviation to be Shown

MYGOFLIGHT's SKYDISPLAY(TM) HUD was designed to be every bit as capable as those used in business and commercial aviation, but to fit within the size, weight and budget constraints of GA & Light BA.


AeroInnovate celebrates ten-year anniversary with a panel discussion to educate entrepreneurs and investors on the unique challenges of starting and funding an aviation business