Microsoft Billionaire and Aviation Entrepreneur Paul Allen Dead at 65 »

Microsoft Billionaire and Aviation Entrepreneur Paul Allen Dead at 65

Microsoft co-founder and aviation entrepreneur Paul Allen died Monday after a struggle with cancer. He was 65. Allen is well known in the tech industry as a co-founder of Microsoft in the 1970s, along with Bill Gates. But he had wide-ranging interests including major business ventures in aviation, most recently the Stratolaunch multi-engine jet designed as an airborne launching platform for orbital payloads, a project that‘s expected to enter service in 2020.


Aerion First Flight Set For 2023 »

Aerion First Flight Set For 2023

Aerion Corporation says it will fly its AS2 supersonic business jet in 2023 and will do its first trans-Atlantic flight with the aircraft on Oct. 24 of that year, the 20th anniversary of the last commercial flight of the Concorde supersonic airliner.


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GA Helps Hurricane Michael Response »

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Raptors Wrecked By Michael »

By some estimates as many as 22 F-22 Raptor fighters were damaged or destroyed when Hurricane Michael scored a direct hit on Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida on Wednesday. More



Maximum Flight Review

Maximum Flight Review »

If the FAA can’t assure our skills always meet the checkride standards, at least it can see that we regain nominal proficiency once every other year. So the question is, since you’re stuck with a flight review anyway, would you rather... More


Seeing The Invisible

Seeing The Invisible »

Air behaves like a fluid when flowing around mountains, buildings and treelines. To help visualize what the wind is doing, think about water. More


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ALSIM has once again expanded its presence in North America with a new joint Alsim/Cirrus Aviation demonstration center and simulation lab in Florida.

Replay of FAA webinar on the HEMS weather tool

Our FAA webinar was attended in record numbers on October 9th. We have recorded the presentation and made it available for the public.

From Embraer to Pro Star Aviation - New GM

New Hampshire's own, Pro Star Aviation (KMHT), welcomes former Embraer General Manager (GM) to take over day-to-day management operations for the busy business & corporate aviation service company.