A Bust For Midway, A Boon For VLJs?


Worries already are spreading that older airports in the wintry parts of the country could be hard hit by the changes, though airport operators so far are denying it. More flights could be cancelled or be forced to divert. One side effect of the policy, if it does prove problematic, is that it could make smaller jets more attractive to business flyers. If CEOs are having to divert in their big Gulfstreams and Citations, will they take another look at nimble little Adam, Cessna and Eclipse jets? Aviation expert Joe Schwieterman of DePaul University told CBS2 in Chicago that the new procedures will require tough choices to be made quickly under stressful conditions. “Where this is gonna get tough is where weather conditions are changing rapidly. A plane is on its approach, announcements are made about runway conditions, airlines are going to have to decide whether they really have the legal authority to land that airplane,” he said.