…A Litany Of Waste And Deception…


In her letter, Jane alleges that ample staff members are available to handle the workload at her tower considering the number who are on breaks at any given time. She alleges that in an eight-hour shift most controllers will put in no more than four hours “on position.” She also claims that management has virtually no authority over the unionized staff, some of whom ridicule and berate supervisors in front of co-workers. “FAA managers have bargained away a lot of their management rights and the union isn’t about to give them back,” Jane charges. Jane says controllers routinely usesick days (they are entitled to two and a half weeks a year) as extra vacation time and are unchallenged by supervisors.She said the union vigorously defends controllers who test positive for drug use and those who do spend a yeardoingother work until they can retake their medicals. “If they worked for practically anyone else, they’d be fired,” Jane opined in an interview with AVweb.