A Student With A Mission


Since Coburn’s goal was to complete his training in a week, he did as much advance preparation as he could, including passing the written before he even stepped in the airplane. His instructor, Nathan Mayers, said it would have been more comfortable for all concerned for Coburn to have taken two weeks to complete the course but noted that Coburn was an exceptional student. “He was intensely focused, highly motivated and a quick study,” Mayers said. “Life would be easier with two weeks instead of one, but Davin proved that it can be done.” But, as any freshly minted pilot knows (or should know), getting the certificate is a beginning, not an end, to learning. Mayers noted that Coburn is going to have to keep flying so he doesn’t lose those quickly won skills. “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” Mayers said, noting that Coburn has shown that attaining a Sport Pilot certificate is within reach of just about anyone.