A Turbine For Christmas?


Small Turbine Engines Ready To Start Production…

Earlier this year, a Pennsylvania company called Affordable Turbine Power attracted some attention when they turned up at air shows with a turbine-powered RV-4 and said they would soon be selling their little engines to the experimental market. The company now has changed its name to Innodyn, and is also flying a turbine-powered RV-6. President Chuck Nearhoof told AVweb on Friday they are on track to start production of the turbines next month, with first deliveries in February. Each of the four models weighs less than 188 pounds and delivers a range of maximum power from 165 to 255 hp, at costs ranging from $26,500 to $34,500. Nearhoof says they have a “substantial number” of orders to fill. For now, they are focused on the experimental market, with no timeline for developing a certified engine. “Certification is not a short-term goal, but it is a long-term goal,” Nearhoof said.