A500 Philosophy — Bigger, Faster


Since one of the A500’s selling points is ease of transition from singles, AVweb sent writer (and Cessna 140 pilot) Russ Niles to test that claim. The biggest difference Niles found was in speeds. Take the 140 figures and almost double them for everything, notably the landing speed of 95 knots, pretty much the top speed of the Cessna. “Twins go faster,” said Adam’s chief pilot Butch Allen, who kept a relaxed but ready watch from the right seat during the flight. But if the speeds seem scary to the pilot of a slow single, they are entirely appropriate for something as big as an A500. Because the plane is so much bigger, the speeds become relative and it doesn’t feel like it’s going any faster during critical flight phases than a smaller plane. All that heft and speed makes it much more stable in the wind, too.