Airspace Restrictions Questioned


Airspace restrictions, in their various forms, are analyzed by the report. Objections from pilots and the impact on flight operations are noted. “The resource requirements and associated costs for monitoring restricted airspace and providing airspace protection around critical sites raise policy questions regarding the appropriate balancing of these measures with efforts to address other homeland security threats, and the effect of these measures on air commerce and the freedom of movement by air,” the report says. AOPA says the report will provide support to efforts to prevent the Washington, D.C., ADIZ from becoming a permanent fixture. Also noted in the report were criticism from AOPA and other GA groups about the impact of restrictions on the aviation industry. “In response to this criticism,” the report concludes, “attempting to tailor homeland security policy to fit the risk posed by widely varied GA operations, allocating budgets and resources to address security priorities, and addressing concerns about potentially impeding air commerce or compromising aviation safety are likely to remain ongoing challenges for the Congress.”