An Unusual Pirep


The airplane had departed from Birmingham, Ala., headed for Orlando. NTSB investigator Corky Smith told The Daily Home that the pilot filed an IFR flight plan and obtained a DUATS weather briefing before departure. The aircraft entered the clouds at an altitude of 5,000 feet, and at 7,000 feet began taking on ice. At about 8,000 feet, while climbing out of the clouds, the buffet began followed by the spin to the left. The pilot reduced power and applied opposite rudder, but the aircraft did not respond. He then informed ATC before pulling the ballistic parachute. The happenings resulted in a pilot report of unusual text: PIREP: MGM UUA /OV SCD 270004/TM 2200/FL090/TP SR22/IC SVR ICG 077-090/RM ACFT WAS DESCENDING BY PARACHUTE DUE TO SEVRE ICG BUILDUP. The NTSB is investigating.