…And 90 Airplanes Grounded


About 90 airplanes are on the ground at the airport and about 400 pilots have passed the necessary security procedures to operate there. A plan is in place to allow those airplanes to be flown off the field tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. (Hopefully, nobody had other plans.) Wartofsky said he is hopeful that a mutually agreeable solution to the problem can be reached soon and the airport will be back in operation. “The agency will continue to work with the Potomac Airfield staff on the issues surrounding the suspension,” the TSA said in its news release. Pilots in need of more information from the TSA regarding Potomac Airfield, including aircraft relocation plans, should contact TSA program manager Dirk Ahle at (571) 227-1898. The toll-free hotline for GA pilots is (866) GA-SECUR.