…And AOPA Responds


AOPA was quick to dash off a letter to The Boston Globe’s editors, denouncing the story as “irresponsible,” and noting that numerous GA security programs have been implemented since 9/11. Next time the Globe reports about GA issues, it should consult AOPA, the letter said. AOPA President Phil Boyer also responded to the story in an interview on a Washington, D.C., radio station, WTOP. Boyer told listeners that that most GA aircraft are operated in much the same way as other forms of personal transportation, like cars. “There’s the general aviation airplane in which the pilot and the passengers know each other,” Boyer said. “That’s the norm.” He added that the security measures imposed on commercial airlines and charter operations don’t make sense for small airplanes used for personal transportation. The interviewer seemed to find Boyer’s assurances “comforting,” AOPA said.