And Funding Pilot Training


Getting kids excited about aviation is one thing, but helping them to follow it as a career and find the money for flight training is another. For one aspiring pilot, help came from an unexpected source — the Montel Williams Show. Randy Waldron, 24, of Revere, Mass., works as a flight attendant, but his dream is to fly. That dream was derailed when he reportedly discovered his credit rating had been ruined by his own father, who allegedly used his identity to run up thousands of dollars in debts, leaving Waldron with no way to pay for training. A producer from the show called Daniel Webster College, in Nashua, N.H., and Waldron was offered a $54,000 scholarship. The show airs next Tuesday. “Being a pilot has been my lifelong dream,” Waldron said. “I still have not fully comprehended this entire chain of events. When I was on the show, I really couldn’t believe what was going on. I still find it amazing that anyone thought enough about my situation and extended a helping hand. It has forever changed my life.”