…And Individuals Do What They Can


When it’s your own 79-year-old grandmother who’s in need, then neither floods nor bureaucrats nor even a TFR can stop you from trying to help. So it was for Derek Lott, a CFI living in Crestview, Fla., when he heard that his grandmother in Picayune, Miss., was weakening every day without her heart medication. He rented a 172 and loaded it up with $1,000 worth of food, The Associated Press reported Tuesday. “I told my dad I’d trade him some food for Grandma,” said Lott. When he heard President Bush was flying into the area, bringing a 30-nm no-fly zone, he knew he had to get in and out fast. “I decided to give it a shot because I knew my family needed me,” he said. On Monday morning he made his delivery to Wilda Myles. “I was so happy to see him,” Myles told the AP. “He’s the greatest grandson in the world.”