…And More, More, More


While Diamond won’t have its single-engine D-Jet ready, it will be showing off its DA42 Twin Star, making its North American debut at Oshkosh with a fresh European certification. EAA says it expects a record number of exhibitors to show up this summer with new technology, both in the cockpit and in aircraft design. Of course, fingers are crossed that the federal bureaucracy will loosen its grip on the Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft final rule and let it fly at Oshkosh, but after so many trip-ups and delays, nobody is making any predictions on that. Finally, if you’re flying in, it’s not too soon to start planning — the NOTAM is available online. As ever, the mantra at AirVenture is more, more, more, as the ramp fills up throughout the week with aircraft and visitors from around the world. And as always, AVweb‘s news team will be there to cover it all for you in words and pictures. Look for us at the Belvoir/AVweb booth.