…And NBAAs Thumbs-Up…


NBAA welcomed the release of the FAAs final rule by stating “By updating and revising its regulations governing operations of aircraft in fractional ownership programs, the FAA recognizes the demonstrated safety record of this important segment of business aviation.”

“We applaud the FAA’s effort on the creation of Subpart K and we look forward to working with the Agency on the implementation of the rule,” said NBAA President Shelley A. Longmuir. Longmuir thanked FAA Administrator Marion Blakey and FAA National Resource Specialist for Part 135, Kathy Perfetti, for their leadership and for shepherding this rule to completion.

While the rule is not completely what NBAA expected, the organization appreciated the official recognition of fractional aircraft ownership operations and the expected help new companies seeking to operate or provide this type of service. NBAA says it is continuing to review the details of the final rule and soon will release a detailed analysis of its impact.