…And Parking Problems Bring Us Down To Earth


And while those attending NBAA are filled with breathless optimism about the future of business aviation, there are more than a few would-be attendees who couldn’t make the show because of some problems with the here and now. Quite simply, Las Vegas’ three local bizjet-capable airports are full. Anyone who hoped to use the flexibility and versatility that are the hallmarks of business aviation and fly to the show on the spur of the moment is out of luck. “There is nothing more useless than a plane and pilot with no airport access at the other end,” said AVweb reader and Citation pilot Patric Barry, who tried, and failed, to get to the show earlier this week. Apparently, you needed a parking reservation to fly to the show and by Sunday there wasn’t a spot to be found. Barry said he didn’t know about the requirement (neither did we, and it kept one of our staff members home) and he’s hoping there’s a solution found for future shows. “Whatever system was imposed to create this debacle needs to be dealt with because when the day arrives (which it just did) when we can’t use our skills and aircraft to service our needs then the point of having the skills and aircraft suddenly is redundant,” Barry said in a note to AVweb.