…And Revising Aviat’s Standard


Aviat Aircraft has improved its standard of short field heavy hauling utility — the Aviat Husky will soon (June-ish) be available with a 200-hp engine behind a composite prop. It also has longer span (but still) semi-Fowler slotted flaps that give an extra 300-fpm down when circumstance or desires conspire and will roll better (50-percent better with half the effort) with shorter-span deeper-chord aerodynamically (they’re hinged far behind their leading edge) and mass-balanced ailerons The weight gain associated with the coming higher horsepower option is (almost) balanced by swapping in an 82-inch composite propeller courtesy of MT. Continuous improvement in action from a company working to make one of their very good things that much better. For current owners, an STC is available to get them the new prop at $9,480 that option combined with a new aircraft tacks a mere $5,600 on to the purchase price (along with better climb performance and a slightly heavier baggage load).