Another Boost For LSA Effort…


EAA Joins Forces With LAMA

EAA and the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) have forged an agreement to help each other expand the new sport-flying community. The collaboration grew from the two groups’ work together in the EAA Sport Pilot Tour, which started earlier this month to bring sport aircraft and information to various locations throughout the country. Under the new plan, enthusiasts who purchase an aircraft or a minimum order of products from any LAMA member company will get a free one-year membership or renewal in EAA, LAMA said. “Joining with EAA is an excellent match for our organization, since EAA has been at the forefront of the sport pilot/light-sport movement for more than a decade,” said Larry Burke, LAMA president. LAMA recently brought its traveling show to AOPA Headquarters in Maryland, where AOPA staffers got a chance to learn about the aircraft and take them flying. LAMA also will have a booth at AOPA Expo, Nov. 3-5 in Tampa, Fla., where there will be a special area set aside for manufacturers’ displays of LSAs. LAMA represents manufacturers of ready-to-fly and kitbuilt light-sport aircraft as well as aviation suppliers.