…AOPA Sees A Better Future…


AOPA is in favor of the change, expecting that Lockheed’s version of flight service will be better for pilots than what we’ve been getting from the FAA. During the transition period, Lockheed and the FAA will operate a 24-hour operations center that will act as a point of contact to ensure continuity of services, AOPA said last week. Lockheed also has assured AOPA that extensive contingency plans are in place should any last-minute issues arise. Phone numbers and frequencies will remain the same, says AOPA, and so will (many of) your local FSS specialists, at least for a while. “We are in regular communication with the FAA and Lockheed, and they understand the importance of maintaining service to pilots throughout the transition period,” said AOPA President Phil Boyer. “If members have problems with FSS, we can work quickly to get those concerns addressed.”