… As FAA Issues First Sport Pilot Certificates


The FAA last week issued the first certification of an ultralight trainer (a Maxair Drifter) as an experimental light-sport aircraft (E-LSA), and also awarded the first weight-shift (trike) ratings, EAA has reported. The events took place in Sebring, Fla., where the staff of the FAA’s Light-Sport Aviation Branch had arrived from Oklahoma City to prepare for this week’s first sport pilot examiner training course. The staffers set to work flying at the Sebring Airport. Larry Clymer checked out in an Air Creation GTE and added a private pilot weight-shift rating to his pilot credentials, becoming the first to hold that rating. He also added sport pilot instructor credentials in the weight-shift category, and then gave Marty Weaver his practical test in the trike. Weaver then became the first to add sport pilot weight-shift privileges to his existing pilot certificate. The Maxair E-LSA is owned by Romke Sikkema and Jeff Hudson.