…As Study Shows The Market Exists


Futron Corp., whose space-tourism market study has been frequently cited by the alternative-space entrepreneurs, recently released the entire 79-page study to the public domain. The study, originally published in 2002, is based on a poll of affluent Americans. The poll gauged the level of interest in, and willingness to pay for, space tourism experiences among those people with the means to afford such flights. Futron used the poll results to generate a 20-year forecast for consumer demand for orbital and suborbital space tourism. Among Futron’s findings: The overall space tourism market could generate revenues in excess of $1 billion per year by 2021; suborbital space tourism has the potential for 15,000 passengers and $700 million in revenues per year by 2021; and orbital space tourism could attract 60 passengers and $300 million in revenues per year by 2021. “Futron worked very hard over the course of several months to objectively and accurately analyze the space tourism market,” said Phil McAlister, director of Futron’s Space & Telecommunications Division. “We hope that our efforts, as captured in this report, will benefit the many people interested in this promising market.”