As The Flying Motorcycle Plans Sun ‘n Fun Splash


While the MIT folks go straight to their ultimate creation, Larry Neal, of Butterfly LLC in Bridgeport, Texas, is taking the launch of his combination of a three-wheeled motorcycle and gyrocopter in a more methodical way. Neal’s friend John Frena, who’s trying to turn up the hype while Neal keeps his nose to the grindstone, says the Flying Motorcycle is less than a month from becoming fully functional in the air and on the ground and will demonstrate both capabilities at Lakeland. As AVweb told you last week, the Flying Motorcycle has already flown for local TV cameras. Frena said the single-seat Flying Motorcycle is designed as a commuter vehicle. The owner has but to drive (ride?) to the nearest clear patch 200 feet long and he or she can take off into the (so far) uncluttered air. As Neal finishes off the Flying Motorcycle, work continues on the two-place version, which Frena claims has more creature comforts. It won’t be ready for Sun ‘n Fun.