Bombardier Engines Still On Horizon?


While Bombardier’s efforts are all but forgotten, they are apparently not gone. After a series of corporate structural changes, the reins for the project were turned over to a Florida company called Aircraft Engine Services (AES). Luc Gaspe de Beaubien, who was in charge of the project at Bombardier, is the CEO of AES and, according to the company Web site, he’ll be back at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh in July with the V-6 engines. The company stopped attending Sun ‘n Fun in 2004. According to the Web site, the company was hoping to have at least one of the engines (there’s a 220 hp normally aspirated and a 300 hp turbo model) certified by the end of 2005 with deliveries to OEMs sometime this year. OEMs get first crack at the engines, followed by the experimental market and, in the distant future, STCed versions for swapping out in existing aircraft. AES won’t say what the engines will cost.