Brazil ATC Delays Continue


The Legacy was flying straight and level before the collision, Sharkey says, and adds, “The Legacy pilots’ skill and courage saved my butt.” He says a lawyer for the pilots will appeal the judge’s decision on the grounds that of all the professionals involved in the accident, only the pilots are being detained. This “discriminatory treatment” will be challenged under the principle of habeas corpus, because authorities have presented no evidence against the pilots to warrant their extended detention, Sharkey notes. The Legacy safely made an emergency landing after the collision and all seven people aboard were unharmed. Meanwhile, flight delays continue across the country as air traffic controllers stick with their “work to rule” campaign. Controllers are protesting work conditions in the wake of the worst crash in Brazil’s history. Ten controllers who were on duty that day were placed on leave, and the controllers who remain say they are overworked. Many have been calling in sick in recent weeks. The government says it will hire more controllers but they won’t be ready to start until early next year.