…But Still Far To Go


During its study, the GAO visited 31 GA airports chosen for their variety of physical characteristics and types of operations. The report found that most of the airport managers interviewed had already established a number of security enhancements, using either airport revenue, or state or federal grant money. However, security advisories distributed by the TSA were too vague and were not consistently received, the study found. The GAO report concludes with five specific recommendations: The TSA should develop a risk-management plan that helps airports assess vulnerabilities, do a better job of communicating specific threat information, and more carefully monitor foreign nationals learning to fly in the United States. Also, the FAA should develop a plan to review and revalidate flight restrictions, and the TSA and FAA together need to review the process for issuing waivers to enter restricted airspace. For more about the GAO report, see this week’s edition of AVweb’s Business AVflash.