…By Cessna 210…


Now, not all fundraising flights are carried out in cabin-class comfort, nor are their causes quite so mainstream. Dr. Edwin Galkin and Capt. Richard Sollner returned home to Manville, N.J., on Aug. 14 after a 27,500-mile circumnavigation in a Cessna 210. This was their second trip around the world in aid of sufferers of a disease that most of us have never heard of and affects only 400 people in the whole world. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) is a nasty disorder in which muscle is converted to bone if it’s injured in any way. “Trauma, surgery, bumps, falls and intra-muscular injections can result in explosive new bone growth,” according to the Flight For the Cure Web site. “Any attempt to remove the extra bone accelerates the FOP process.” Dr. Galkin and Sollner had hoped to raise money for every mile flown but there was no word on how much was raised.