Celebrating The Past


National Air Tours Are Re-created…

The innovations of the Wright brothers are not the only aviation milestones being celebrated this year. The re-enactment of a nationwide air event during aviation’s golden era is also being remembered with a special series of events. The National Air Tours were conceived in 1925 and held annually through 1931 to demonstrate the reliability of air travel, to encourage the development of safe and reliable aircraft, and to promote the building of suitable airports and ground facilities. Now, an organization has been formed to fly some of the routes those pioneers covered to show a skeptical public the possibilities of aviation. The Aviation Foundation of America Inc., a non-profit public charity, is sponsoring the re-creation of the 2003 National Air Tours to be held from Sept. 8 to Sept. 24. Ford Motor Company was the major sponsor of the first tours and is also supporting this year’s event.