Cessna Offers Online Caravan Program


A seminar in Caravan safety awareness is now available online, Cessna announced last week, and will soon become mandatory for pilots who fly the Caravan in icing conditions. The Caravan Cold Weather Operations course is a series of five self-paced training modules that should take about two to three hours to complete. Cessna will issue a certificate of completion to pilots who pass the online exams. In addition, Cessna will continue to offer its Safety Awareness live seminar for Caravan operators throughout cities in North America. Both the seminar and online training are free to all participants. [more] Concerns about Caravan performance in icing conditions have been around quite a while, and have been the topic of FAA airworthiness directives and NTSB safety recommendations. But icing doesn’t affect just Caravan pilots. With winter coming soon for much of North America, AOPA’s Air Safety Foundation offers a new online quiz about cold-weather wing contamination — frost, snow and ice — for all pilots. The quiz offers just 10 questions for a quick refresher, and everyone who takes it can enter for a chance to win a radio/scanner from Sporty’s.