…Cirrus, Cessna, Neck And Neck


The battle between Cirrus and Cessna continues to be neck and neck. Although Cirrus has delivered more four-place piston aircraft overall this year (447 to Cessna’s 424) Cessna had a strong third quarter and sold 173 aircraft compared to Cirrus’s 152. Columbia (formerly Lancair Certified) is experiencing a healthy surge in sales. It sold 40 airplanes in the third quarter compared to 35 over the summer. Although New Piper sold fewer airplanes in Q3, those it did sell were high-end models. It sold 11 top-of-the-line Meridian turboprops in Q3 compared to six in the previous three months and that helped push revenue to $37.73 million, up from $34.92 million in the second quarter. Mooney held even at 23 out the door and it seemed the higher end models were holding their own. Diamond bucked the trend with a decrease in sales. It sold 81 airplanes in Q3 compared to 96 in the second quarter.