Cirrus Introduces New SR22 Model


New Pilot Stuff For Spring…

With spring, new aviation stuff seems to sprout like crocuses, and this year Cirrus Design is getting a jump on the season. Cirrus announced on Tuesday that it’s ready to launch a new version of its popular SR22 model, dubbed the SR22-G2. The G2 will feature a new fuselage and cowl with easier access for maintenance, a six-point engine mount for a smoother ride, blended-airfoil Scimitar Select Hartzell propellers, new (easier to operate) door latches, a redesigned leather interior and more. “We’re introducing the SR22-G2 today because we have the technology, capability and desire to engineer improvements into our product that make it a better value for the customer,” Cirrus CEO Alan Klapmeier said in a news release. “It really shouldn’t take fifty years for a product to evolve.” Cirrus said it has also redesigned its production process, which will improve the fit, finish and quality of the aircraft overall, and will allow the factory to build the airplanes faster. The SR22 is currently the best-selling personal-aviation aircraft in the world.