Cirrus Talks Jets…


Mustang (or Eclipse) Killer In The Works?

Cirrus Design spokeswoman Kate Dougherty says the company has “not been shy” about prospects for a personal jet but we have to wonder if navel-gazing is giving way to a nuts-and-bolts (or fiberglass-and-epoxy) reality, since middle managers are now talking to reporters about the company’s future jet-fuel needs in Duluth. In what strikes us as an offhand remark to a writer from the Duluth News Tribune concerning controversy over the replacement of Cirrus Design’s home-airport fuel dealer, Cirrus’s Executive Vice President of Business Administration, Bill King, says Cirrus, which maintains its own avgas facility, may well be a customer of the new FBO “because 100 LL won’t be our only fuel in the future.” Sure, Cirrus has been looking at diesel. But in an e-mail to AVweb, Dougherty said the jet idea is nothing new. “We have not been shy, over the years, in talking about a personal jet,” she wrote. She said the company has been following development of light jet engines in recent years and, if it decides to build a jet, Cirrus Design promises something special. “So, true to our nature of refusing status quo, we look at absolutely everything,” she wrote. And Ballistic Recovery Systems has been researching full-plane parachutes for jets….