…Comment Period Closes Jan. 20


“Unfortunately, the FAA is trying to make a ‘one-size-fits-all’ rule,” said Herrick. “This will basically eliminate operators offering local rides in historic aircraft …” Other than so-called “discovery flights,” which might lead to flight training, the proposed rule would also prevent people from hiring a local commercial pilot to take them for a ride. Under the proposed rule, carrying passengers for hire would require Part 135 certification. Herrick said very few vintage aircraft owners have money or time to spend on the record-keeping and reporting requirements of Part 135 operations. By the same token, unless they can charge for rides, they won’t be able to keep the old birds flying. The comment period for the NPRM closes Jan. 20 and Herrick is urging people to make their feelings known. He said the commercial sightseeing companies have lobbyists and national organizations to get their points across in Washington but small operators and vintage aircraft owners are on their own. He’s urging people to write the FAA in support of the little guys and urge that the ride-for-hire provisions remain a Part 91 activity. “People offering airplane rides, whether in a Ford Tri-motor, a biplane or a Cessna at your local airport, have introduced millions of Americans to the joys of flight,” Herrick said. “They deserve our help.”