Companies Tackle Bluetooth Headsets…


Going Wireless In The Cockpit

The wireless wave has hit the cockpit with at least two manufacturers now offering headsets that aren’t tethered to the panel. Both use Bluetooth technology to free you from cords that inevitably get tangled in shoulder straps, wrapped around the yoke or otherwise get in your way. But that’s where the similarity ends for these out-of-the-gate headsets from Panther Electronics and Peltor. Panther’s is an earpiece (in your ear) system that claims 46 dB of passive noise reduction and weighs only 1.5 ounces. Peltor’s is a conventional (over your ear) headset that claims 25 dB of passive noise reduction. Panther says it achieves the high noise reduction through the use of molded earpieces (a video included in the price shows you how to use your ear, a syringe and a few other essentials as an injection-molding kit). All the weight (nine ounces) is in the controller, which hangs from the panel and has the volume and gain-control adjustments. Most models come with a boom mike. Peltor’s headsets are self-contained … except for the Bluetooth adapter mated to the radio.