Disappointment At Reno


Landing Mishap Knocks Nemesis NXT Out…

Instead of getting ready for the most anticipated race at the National Championship Air Races, Jon Sharp’s Nemesis NXT team is trying to figure out what went wrong as the 400-plus-mph hopeful two-seat kitplane landed at Reno Stead Airport on Tuesday. Race spokeswoman Sue Putnam told AVweb the aircraft made what looked like a routine landing but the pilot “heard a bang” on the left side. “He tried to keep it on its right side as long as he could but of course it eventually came down and the landing gear collapsed and it slid along the runway,” Putnam said. The Sharp team had hoped to showcase Nemesis NXT, a tiny composite taildragger sporting a Lycoming 540, in a highly touted match against Darryl Greenamayer’s highly modified Lancair Legacy in the Sport Class. Pre-race speculation talked about speeds reaching 450 mph, faster than many of the Unlimited Class racers. The Sport Class is restricted to kit aircraft with reciprocating engines.