EAA Petition Pushes For Sport Pilot


New Rule Could Be Months Away…

With the Sport Pilot/Light-Sport rule stalled again in the federal bureaucracy, EAA took advantage of the eager crowds at Sun ‘n Fun to collect signatures on a petition demanding action. The petition says that “Numerous U.S. small businesses … are significantly financially stressed due to delays in the release of the final regulations … [and] the sale of new products and services for the recreational market has declined as consumers are waiting until these regulations are made final.” Directed to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the petition asks the agency to “approve the proposed regulations as written … as expeditiously as possible.” You too can read and sign the petition online. EAA’s Ron Wagner, answering questions as show-goers queued up to sign at the busy Sport Pilot tent, told AVweb that as of Saturday morning, about 3,000 signatures had been collected, with another 600 submitted via the Web thus far supporting the petition’s credo that “The public of this country desire to have these new regulations.” The delay now in progress, as the FAA tries to satisfy the OMB’s concerns and resubmit the rule, could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, Wagner said.