…Even The Good Guys Prompt Panic


Of course, terror from the sky comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, even red, white and blue. The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds rattled more than the windows during a photo shoot over New York City last Thursday. The team was in the area for a Memorial Day air show and couldn’t resist having their pictures taken in formation over the Statue of Liberty. With a C-130 carrying photographers accompanying them, the seven-ship formation made three passes over Miss Liberty. Concern on the ground was both inevitable and duly considered, according to the Air Force. Regardless, the spectacle still surprised some still-affected Manhattan residents. Air Force spokesman Capt. Jason Medina said all appropriate local, state and federal agencies were alerted along with law enforcement agencies, but the show came as a surprise to many on the ground for whom the events of three-and-a-half years ago are obviously still close to their consciousness. “I was surprised. I thought there was a war coming,” said Ernesto Vega, a tire shop worker. “I was thinking about the Twin Towers right away,” said Rosa Torres. Medina said phone calls and the worries were expected.