FAA Job “Offer” Slammed…


NAATS Says FAA Plan Flawed

The cheers have turned to jeers among National Association of Air Traffic Specialists members as they get to the fine print of a placement plan for some of the automated flight service station (AFSS) workers who may (likely will) lose their jobs to privatization. You see, while AFSS workers would be out on the street this year, according to a news release issued by NAATS, there are no job vacancies left for them in the current fiscal year. According to the release, the FAA’s Assistant Administrator for Human Resources, Ventris Gibson, said the 435 new controllers that will be hired this year would all come from outside the agency, which angered NAATS President Kate Breen. “This year there are over 435 controller jobs that could be filled by qualified employees within the FAA, employees that the FAA may involuntarily separate [we think that means fire] later this year,” she said. In visits to AFSSs in Islip and Altoona, N.Y., last Tuesday, FAA Administrator Marion Blakey said flight service workers who are also qualified to work as active controllers will have first crack at ATC vacancies. As many as 2,000 AFSS workers could lose their jobs in the privatization and virtually guaranteed contraction of the AFSS system. The form and function of the new system will be released later this month.