…FSS Staff Eyed For Tower, En Route Jobs…


Meanwhile, it’s possible the FAA will have a surplus of a different kind of air traffic professional in 10 months and that might help it fill some of the current openings. The agency will soon decide whether to privatize flight service stations and it’s generally believed that regardless of who ends up running the FSS system, there will be numerous closures and curtailments. Kate Breen, president of the National Association of Air Traffic Specialists, said in a news release that up to 2,000 FSS positions could be eliminated in the move. The FAA says some of those employees might be invited to bid on tower or en route control jobs. However, Breen isn’t taking much comfort in what she calls the “vague terms” being used by the agency. The FAA report says it will “consider a special effort to provide opportunities for those employees who qualify to apply for terminal and/or en route positions.” Breen would like something a little more concrete than consideration. “This is a perfect opportunity for the FAA to take care of professional, highly trained, and dedicated employees,” she said. For about two years, the FAA and its consultants have been looking at the potential for privatizing flight services through what is known as the A-76 process. Breen said an announcement is expected in a few weeks.