GAMA Forecast Session Feb. 12


And there’ll be a pre-Valentine’s Day love-in of sorts when the General Aviation Manufacturers Association hosts its annual Industry Review and 2007 Marketing Outlook briefing in Washington, D.C. Barring some utter market collapse that we haven’t heard of in the last three months, 2006 will almost certainly have set sales and income records in many GA sectors and happy days are expected to continue. GAMA’s third-quarter review showed a boisterous industry that was up an average of 18.9 percent in shipments and 28.6 percent in billings over the first nine months of 2005, and 2005 overall was considered a very good year. But while it will be hard to take the bloom from this rose, the picture isnt entirely positive. The briefing is almost certainly to be another forum for GA representatives to bring up the user-fee issue in the context of the potential for user fees to discourage people from flying, just when other alphabet groups are mounting campaigns to shore up the numbers of new pilots.