GAMA: Piston Single Sales Hit 20-Year High…


New Aircraft Shipments Third-Highest Ever

We sensed it at last year’s Sun ‘n’ Fun and felt it strongly at AirVenture, and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association has now confirmed it: 2004 was a recovery year for most plane-makers and the future looks strong. “Bonus depreciation, coupled with the continuing growth of the U.S. economy helped make 2004 a turning point for our industry,” said GAMA Chairman Jim Schuster. According to GAMA, industry billings totaled $11.9 billion, the third-highest ever, representing a 19.1-percent increase over 2003; the total number of airplanes shipped jumped 10.3 percent to 2,963. The 2004 total was a 20-year high for piston single sales. Business jet sales increased from 518 to 591 (14.1 percent) and piston single sales went from 1,896 in 2003 to 2051 in 2004, an 8.2-percent increase. In sharp contrast to previous years, turboprops recorded the heftiest increase in sales with an 18-percent jump over last year (272 to 321 sales).