Gathering The LSA Faithful, And They’re Buying


No official crowd estimates were available, but overall, Thursday and Friday were strong, EAA’s marketing consultant Dan Johnson told AVweb. RANS founder Randy Schlitter was there with two airplanes (an S-6 and an S-7) and said he could have sold each one of them several times over if he didn’t prefer to take them home himself. Saturday was a little slow due to the weather — stiff winds plus temperatures in the 60s, cold by Florida standards. Johnson said exhibitors were satisfied with the attendance. “The parking lots are pretty full, and every time you look at an airplane, there are people around every one,” he said. Johnson also noted that a bizjet flew in and unloaded some top Cessna officials who evidently came to check out the LSA scene. Also flying in was Advanced Aero’s inverted V-tail airplane, a single-seat prototype that flew for the first time just last month. The Expo was hastily rescheduled from last October, after Hurricane Wilma brought insurmountable logistic problems. Nonetheless, all display spaces sold out, and the show ended up with even more exhibitors than were expected in October. Wagner said forums were well-attended.