Happy New Year, Looks Like The Old Year


2003 Ends With Airspace Closures…

With the alert level stuck nationwide at Orange, airspace restrictions were imposed in an effort to protect holiday events around the country. Over New York City, a no-fly zone covered a five-nm radius over midtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, from the surface to 18,000 feet, and Temporary Flight Restrictions were imposed over Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and Chicago. The Department of Homeland Security sent warplanes to patrol the skies above Times Square, Pasadena’s Rose Parade, and the Las Vegas Strip. On Monday, adding to the jitters, an errant Mooney wandered down the East River — violating La Guardia’s airspace — and then flew a circle round Lady Liberty.

The incident had the city in an uproar over the lack of security. “Pilot Exposes N.Y. Err Patrol,” read the N.Y. Post headline. The pilot, who had three pax on board, said he’d gotten lost, and authorities let him go.