Live From OSH: LSA, The Rules Are Here … Now What?


The “New” Airplanes…

Companies planning to sell Light Sport Aircraft don’t seem to be frustrated with the delays already suffered; they seem universally upbeat about the opportunities that may await them. “This is all good,” said Rob Rollison, of Rollison Light Sport Aircraft. He’s has been carting LSA-qualified planes from show to show for the past three years and he says it will be at least December before the proper regulatory infrastructure is in place to allow him (and his competitors) to sell factory-complete airplanes. “They don’t N-number themselves,” he said. Rollison is planning to sell three European-built aircraft in the U.S. ranging in price from 40,000 Euros (about $48,000 at current exchange rates) to 70,000 Euros ($84,000). We did see LSA aircraft offered in the high twenties — the range of available aircraft that fit the category is impressive.