…Low-Level “Attack” By Cessna…


On the other side of the country (and perhaps not coincidentally) folks in Santa Cruz, Calif., are still buzzing about a single-engine Cessna which, according to the Mercury News, “attacked Main Beach in the manner of a World War II fighter and buzzed Seacliff Beach so low that a driver on a beachside road could see the top of the plane.” Witnesses told the paper that the alleged stunt caused panic on the beaches and Kim Blow said the plane almost hit her nine-year-old nephew. “People were eating the sand and screaming,” she said, Someone reported the tail number of the plane but the FAA is cautioning people not jump to conclusions. “We don’t even know if any kind of crime has been committed or regulations violated,” FAA spokesman Donn Walker told the Mercury News. The FAA is warning people that justice, if it comes at all, won’t come swiftly. “It can take weeks to get to the bottom of this.” Blow said she doesn’t think the FAA is taking the incident seriously enough. “A guy told me, ‘Oh, there’s just a few of you that are concerned,’and I said, ‘Bull!'”